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Diversified Landscaping professionals are lawn maintenance experts, using their years of knowledge and skills to keep your lawn beautiful and lush. We offer many year-round maintenance services, including various service bundle packages, custom suited to fit your home's individual needs. We offer the following services:

  • Mowing – Grass will be mowed as necessary (usually biweekly during spring & summer) to keep it at your desired level.
  • Pruning – Dead leaves and branches removed, also protruding branches removed to maintain the clean neat look of the lawn.
  • Leaf Removal – Especially during autumn months, falling leaves will be collected and disposed of properly, with no hassle for you.
  • Winterization – The entire lawn is thoroughly prepared for the winter months, ensuring minimal cold weather damage to your lawn.
  • Spring Start-Ups – By reseeding, fertilizing, properly watering, etc, your lawn in prepared for the upcoming warm months to maximize growth and beauty.
  • Floriculture – Colorful additions such as bowls, bulbs, vases, and flower beds added tastefully to give your lawn garden a classic look.
  • Pest Management – Humane removal and prevention of insects and other varmints which may be harmful to your lawn's development, growth, and upkeep.

Let Diversified Landscaping do all the dirty work, and you can sit back and relax. Contact Diversified Landscaping today to learn more about our various lawn care packages and services.

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