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Diversified Landscaping's Exterior Lighting services will bring out the beauty of any home, even during evening hours. Our custom lighting designs are controlled by digital timers and photocells, which means they are only on when you need they should be, at night. Our energy efficient exterior lighting systems feature bulbs which are low voltage, meaning they operate on less energy than traditional light bulbs, while still producing the same amount of visible light. Our Diversified Landscaping professionals customize lighting designs to fit any purpose, including:

  • Lighting darker areas of your property's exterior for added security
  • Motion-sensors to detect stealthy intruders
  • Lighting evening entertainment areas
  • Patio & Outdoor Living Area lighting
  • Enhance the beauty of homes during evening hours
  • Aesthetically pleasing hardscape designs which may require lighting for the full effect during the evening

Please view our complete Photo Gallery for many examples of our outdoor lighting projects.

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